Of the behavior of the visitor, guest, student, volunteer

* For the purposes of this regulation we will abbreviate Rancho Úha with the acronym RU

  1. RU requires all people to behave and treat their colleagues, workers, staff and others to the best of their ability at all times.
  2. Disrespect towards other visitors, the people of the UK, local customs, or any behavior or action that negatively affects third parties will not be accepted.
  3. We do not tolerate any type of abuse, discrimination or harassment of any kind. If you encounter any of these attitudes during your stay, please try to resolve the situation yourself, otherwise please inform staff immediately.
  4. There is no access to other people’s shops/homes/rooms/offices unless invited or accompanied by someone occupying that space.
  5. Illegal substances are not allowed on the property. If you wish to drink alcohol, you may only do so after work has finished as long as it is used responsibly. Excessive use or intoxication will not be tolerated.
  6. Smoke only in open or designated areas and dispose of your butts responsibly.
  7. You are responsible for the security of your personal property. Multiple people enter the kitchen area on a regular basis and we cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings. RU is not responsible for loss or damage to your personal property. However, if you are caught stealing, the proper authorities will be notified.
  8. There may be contractors and/or outside workers in the area. You agree not to interrupt your work and to be aware of your equipment, tools and your vehicles
  9. The stay of the interested parties is not a hotel service, nor a vacation stay, so the participants must collaborate in the cleaning tasks, and in the preparation of the food.
  10. Visitors are not allowed during the stay at the ranch.
  11. For security, please notify the RU staff if you need to leave.

From work:

  1. LEAVE AREAS BETTER THAN YOU FOUND THEM (or at least the way you found them)
  2. Most of the activities carried out require physical effort for a good part of the day
  3. Participants are expected to do more than the “minimum bare minimum”, while at the same time enjoying working with the Earth.
  4. You must work in groups of at least two people at all times for safety reasons unless previously discussed. And an emergency whistle must be used.
  5. Wear appropriate clothing for work. Torn or loose clothing should not be worn for safety reasons. We recommend long pants and long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts when working, including additional personal protection items as appropriate to the work to be performed.
  6. There is a work plan which must be adhered to or the work entrusted by staff members.
  7. Please try to ask your questions and clarify doubts during the induction time (in the morning) or at breakfast to ensure the benefit of the entire group with the information provided. Use the board to write down questions that come up during the day. We recommend that you carry a notebook with you at all times.
  8. The use of tools must be with the permission of staff members and in many cases supervision may be required while using them. ALL tools MUST be returned to their proper place after each use. Inform the staff if any tools are broken and DO NOT use them if they are broken.
  9. I am willing to compensate for any tools that could be damaged, broken or lost if necessary. If there is anything that I am not comfortable using, I must let the staff know.
  10. Please close faucets and hoses (it doesn’t matter how you found them). Please inform RU staff immediately if there are any broken pipes or if any faucet is out of water.

Of security::

  1. UK has a responsibility to provide a safe work area, safe systems of work and safe tools to work with. It is your personal and legal obligation to work safely (with yourself and those around you), the use of equipment and tools in a safe manner is required. In case of doubt, ask the corresponding people.
  2. Leave your work areas clean and risk free. Observe and identify any risks (real and/or potential) and report them to staff members.
  3. (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment: sunscreen, hearing protection, goggles or glasses, gloves, closed shoes and hats; for hygiene, it is your responsibility to bring them. Sunburns are dangerous. Do not start a task if you do not have all the protective equipment required for said work.
  4. Be aware of the use of manual objects, safe lifting, knee bending and more. Always ask for help when lifting something.
  5. If there is any injury or accident, if required, please seek medical attention immediately and then report it to the staff.
  6. Ranch animals: do not approach any ranch animal to feed with your hands, they can bite, run or kick you. Forbidden to feed them, since they can have specialized diets.
  7. Wild Animals: Do not feed them because it can change their eating habits. Please be careful where you walk because there are some animals that can be dangerous: vipers: (rattlesnakes, coral snakes are poisonous), Insects: ants, scorpions, bees, wasps, spiders (black widow, violinist). Do not approach or try to grab.
  8. Mushrooms and other plants: do not cut or eat mushrooms and plants.
  9. Machinery: The operator cannot hear you, keep your distance. Dams: These can be deep, cold and difficult to get out of.
  10. Make sure your fluid intake is suitable for the weather conditions. A minimum of 2 liters per day per person is recommended when there is no physical activity, so more if physical work is done.
  11. Exposure to any of the above is at your own risk.

On health and hygiene:

  1. In San Luis de la Paz there are several private and public clinics that are capable of dealing with minor problems and medical emergencies.
  2. The stay in the UK does not include the medical expenses that a participant may need.
  3. If necessary, UK vehicles are fully available to transport someone to downtown San Luis de la Paz or Ciudad de Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, San Miguel de Allende.
  4. Please make sure to maintain regular hygiene practices such as washing hands after using the bathroom and before touching kitchen utensils as well as washing cutting boards before use.
  5. When you use the toilet, please use sawdust, let the staff know if the toilet is full, and wash your hands after each use. Toilets/showers must be cleaned after each use for the next person. Including rooms, laundry area (washing machine), kitchen (stove), common areas.

From the feed:

  1. The participants must collaborate and accommodate each other in the preparation of the food, rotating in previously agreed groups. The menu will be preset. We prefer that there are no experimental recipes as it can be a waste of ingredients and time.
  2. Food within Rancho Úha is omnivorous (although most are vegetarian) a basic food basket is handled per week, anything that is not included in the basic basket the participant will have to buy on their own.
  3. Each participant is responsible for washing, drying, and leaving dishes, utensils, pans, etc. in their place. used.
  4. Harvesting vegetables from the growing beds, eggs and fruits is prohibited without specific permission from staff.
  5. You must close the gas valves of the stove when you finish using them.
  6. It is preferred that “junk food” such as soft drinks, cereals, fried foods, etc. not be entered. If you really have to bring it, please take the wrappers and containers.

Emergency procedures

Emergency contact lists are located in building 1 (warehouse) in the kitchen.We recommend you print a copy of the numbers by entering here.A small first aid kit is located in building 1 (cellar) in the kitchen.Assembly point in case of evacuation. Camp area.Make sure that the extra charge battery for mobile phones always has at least 2 charges.In the event of a snake bite or any other poisonous animal or insect, report it immediately to the emergency telephone number 066 and to the ranch staff

First aid for a snake bite

  1. Remove rings, bracelets, watches and everything that affects circulation
  2. Transport the patient to the nearest hospital.
  3. Call 066 and follow their instructions.
  4. Avoid as much as possible that the patient walks or strains too much.
  5. Reassure the patient and encourage him.
  6. Over long distances I was able to give the patient simple drinking water.

What not to do in case of a snake bite

  1. Do not apply tourniquets, it will cause serious tissue damage.
  2. Don’t make cuts. or try to “suck” the poison, it is useless.
  3. Do not apply ice or hot water.
  4. Do not give him alcoholic beverages or concoctions.
  5. Do not rub the wound with stones or plants.
  6. Do not apply electric shocks.
  7. Do not waste time.
  8. Neither garlic, nor chili, nor lemon, nor olive oil, nor matches, nor pregnant women, nothing stops the action of the poison, only the antidote applied in the hospital will save life.


Las mejor medida preventiva es no molestar a las serpientes. Más de la mitad de las mordedura son provocadas por buscar, jugar con, matar, capturar o tener serpientes venenosas. No te arriesgues.

  1. Hemos trabajado duro para establecer que existe dentro de RU – si no estás respetando la propiedad, personas, reglas y lo que se te pide entonces no serás bienvenido y se te pedirá que te retires inmediatamente y sin previo aviso.
  2. RU esta en su etapa inicial y carece de muchas comodidades como uno quisiera tener.
  3. El proyecto va en camino hacia la sustentabilidad, por lo que muchos de nuestras actividades estan en proceso.
  4. Por favor provee cualquier sugerencia y/o retroalimentación para que podamos seguir mejorando.