Sembrandonos Festival

sembrandonos festival
sembrandonos festival

Sembrandonos Festival

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April 28 – May 1, 2022.
Thursday – Sunday


is a festival dedicated to the Earth where people have fun, share information and experiences, plant different species, dance, play music, share food and many other things more…

The basis of the festival is the health of the Earth and people, SHARING ideas, skills, philosophies, art, meditation, yoga, music, food, hiking and climbing.

It is an event organized by volunteers (who are all the people who attend the event), the purpose is to bring together people from different places and cultures who share an interest in caring for the Earth and human beings.

It is an experience in which people and families can express themselves in a comfortable and safe way, and thus be able to discuss, develop and implement ideas that have to do with the health of the Earth and people, as well as share ideas on how to have a more dignified life and in accordance with the patterns of the Earth.

Many of the ideas come inspired from different festivals, as well as in Mexico (Consejo de Visiones) and around the world such as ConFest and Hollow Tree (Australia), among others.

When you enter the festival, you leave behind the conventional world where everything has to have a “profit” and become a participant in the welfare of the community.

The work done by everyone helps us to keep costs down. A minimum of 2 hours per day is recommended. Please check the information area to find out what needs to be done in activities such as cooking, cleaning, preparation of areas, among others.

We will create a great community experience where there will be workshops, dance, yoga, meditation, art, natural building, jamming, alternative technologies, market, barter, health friendly, vegetarian or vegan food and products.

Create your own workshop, just write the theme and time on the boards. There will also be events organized before the festival such as building a pizza oven, adobe construction, certain talks, workshops and practices, yoga, meditations, etc.



All the members will bring the ingredients that will be shared among all, the dishes will be cooked by the members of the festival, so everyone can bring their own recipes that they want to share.

We will do the ritual of the meals all together at pre-established times in order to have the kitchen free at certain times for other activities.

Eight volunteers are needed for each breakfast and meal, as well as for cleaning up the area.

Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with information on what to bring to share with others, this will ensure that we have enough food for everyone.




All attendants should bring everything they need to spend the night comfortably – tent, sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, mattresses, lamps…


In the Central Area there will be boards describing schedules and the different areas where anyone can share whatever they like, be it a talk, class, workshop, meditation, etc.

Everyone has the possibility to share any kind of information that is relevant to the care of the Earth and people.

Once inside the festival all the presentation of workshops, demonstrations, entertainment and maintenance of the facilities will be done by volunteers, no monetary payment is accepted or made.


There will be places such as a food area and tianguis where there will be economic transactions and barter.

There will be a market where products can be sold, this will take place every day between 11.00-14.00 or 17.00 and 20.00 hours.

All members are asked to bring things that can be recycled, seeds or anything they want to share and barter with others.


– Plantation and Soil Health Area: Planting, composting area. Different areas of Rancho Úha.

– Central Area/Kitchen: Here you will find all the boards with information about the festival. Cooking for the festival and workshops on preserves, ferments, drying, different types of cooking.

– Human Health Area: Yoga, meditation, massages, reading.

– Art Area: Free stage, Dance, Dance, Contact, Theater, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Poetry.

– Natural construction area: Construction of a clay oven, adobe making.

– Music area: It will be the area of concerts, workshops on how to play instruments, how to arrange them, different rhythms, among others.

– Hiking/Climbing: There will be hiking trails and rock climbing trails.

– Some of these areas will be used as a market where producers and artisans will be able to sell their products.


We are a ranch in the process of self-sustainability so our infrastructure allows us a maximum capacity of 80 people.

All people will have to register in the Registration link. It is very important to read the information you will receive in the registration confirmation email.

The recovery fee for the 3 days is $300 pesos*.
It will be used entirely for the organization (gas, firewood, transportation for some workshop participants and any other costs). Any leftovers will be used to plant trees. Discounts for families.
*This fee will have to be paid before the festival starts, payment can be made by credit card or interbank transfer.

sembrandonos festival
*photos from different festivals and events in Mexico and other countries.